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AdSemble Analytics™ is a stand alone product for the Digital Out of Home industry that offers unprecedented data insights.

AdSemble Calendar is more than just a world class SSP (Supply-Side Platform) for your billboard network. Combining your AdSemble Calendar experience with our AdSemble Analytics product provides you with the ultimate insight into key industry trend and customer segment analysis.

Among other things, AdSemble Analytics can aid you in knowing how much you should be pricing your billboard inventory, as well as which industries are spending the most amount of money across various segments.

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Know before your competitors do which verticals you should be targeting and get a 360 degree view of the industry as a whole.

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As an example, you can examine your local market to see how much money is being spent by advertisers across all billboard providers in the 11 major industry verticals.

This information can be used to focus your Marketing efforts towards companies in those verticals, resulting in millions of dollars of savings.

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In addition to Marketplace analysis, Founder and CEO Matthew Olivieri provides commentary on the status of the industry every quarter when he compares the Earnings calls of Clear Channel Outdoor, OUTFRONT Media, Lamar Advertising and JCDecaux - Otherwise, known as the "Big 4" major Out of Home Advertising companies.

There is a trememndous amount of understanding that can be derived by looking at the financial information reported by the "Big 4" such as looking at the trend and comparison analysis of the Sales, Profits and other relevant information

Big Four Quarterly Comparison Report Archive

Q4 2019 | Published April 1, 2020

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