Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions for AdSemble Open Display Ambassador program. If you do not see your specific question listed below, feel free to email us and one of our AdSemble Open Display Ambassador support team members will respond to you as quickly as possible.

When do I get paid?

You will receive an ACH direct deposit at the end of each month for all campaigns that have been paid and run during the month.

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What if a customer requests a static billboard?

Traditional paper billboards (also sometimes referred to as static billboards) as well as other forms of traditional outdoor print advertising such as transit shelter, bus advertising, etc are currently only available for sale by our Enterprise Account Executive team. If any of your clients inquire about these forms of advertising, please inform them that you only specialize in helping people create digital billboard campaigns through the Open Display platform, but you would be happy to put them in touch with other members of the AdSemble Team who can help them with their request.

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What if a customer asks for a billboard we don't have in Open Display?

We currently have a very large backlog of billboard owners who would like to add their inventory to the Open Display platform. If any of your clients request a Market, City or specific billboard location that is not currently available in the platform, please gather as many details as possible and email the Support team to inquire if the location(s) are in the queue to be added. Helpful details include the exact location of the billboard, the cross streets or major landmarks nearby; Anything that will help our team obtain the location faster for you. If the location is in our queue, we will expedite its inclusion into the platform so your client may create a campaign.

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What are some ways I can find new customers?

The most successful Ambassadors are ones who maximize use of their personal network to share the news about the Open Display platform. This can include but is not limited to reposting AdSemble social media messages to your own personal social media accounts or creating a free email blast from services like Mailchimp to stay in constant contact with your family, friends and clients about creating campaigns in Open Display.

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What is the value of my promo code?

The current value of an Ambassador's promo code is $100 USD and may only be applied to Hand Select campaigns. Your unique promo code is displayed inside your Ambassador Hub.

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What if there is a problem with my customer's campaign?

Your primary function as an Open Display Ambassador is to simply help users create campaigns. You are not obligated or expected to engage with your customers over any matter of disputes or troubleshooting. If after a campaign is created there is an any issue including but not limited to location(s) being unavailable or sold-out or a complaint made to you by the user about the performance of their campaign, all such matters are to be forwarded to Support@adsemble.com where an official company response can be communicated to the user with you as the Ambassador being included as a BCC (Blind carbon copy) recipient so you can be informed what the official company response was and when it was delivered.

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