How do I create a campaign?

Creating your digital billboard campaign with Open Display is fast and easy! After creating your free Open Display account, follow these steps to launch your first campaign.

  • 1. Select Market/Location - Choose which market(s) and/or billboard locations where you would like to advertise
  • 2. Set Start Date - Select your start date and frequency of your campaign
  • 3. Input Budget - Set a daily budget that works for you
  • 4. Upload or Use our Ad Builder - Upload an ad that fits our creative guidelines

Our system will automatically push your ad to as many billboards as possible coinciding with your budget and campaign parameters.

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What do each of the campaign statuses mean?

The status of your campaign will vary based on the stage in which it resides.

Open Display Campaign Statuses

  • Active - Campaigns which are either Live or queued to go Live
  • Paused - Ongoing campaigns which have been paused
  • Pending - Campaigns which are pending successful payment processing
  • Completed - Campaigns which have finished their scheduled run
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What is the difference between Hand Select and Maximize Budget campaigns?

Hand Select campaigns allow you to manually select billboard locations of your choosing and purchase a repeating spot that is guaranteed to play a minimum number of times over the course of your selected date range. Conversely, Maximize Budget campaigns work backwards from a set budget you desire to spend on your campaign. With Maximize Budget campaigns, our algorithm will automatically flex your Ad to achieve as many showings (aka "AdFlashes") as possible on the billboard locations you selected coinciding with your budget and selected date range.

Open Display Hand Select vs Maximize Budget Campaign

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Is there a way I can determine when my Ad will appear for a Maximize Budget campaign?

By its very nature, it is not be possible to determine when the server will display your Ad on the billboard locations you have selected for a Maximize Budget campaign. If you desire to know exactly when your Ad will be displayed and have it continuously playing all day, then you would want to create a Hand Select campaign.

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How do ongoing campaigns work?

Ongoing campaigns are a convenient way to keep your campaigns continuously running without the hassle of re-creating them each time they have completed their run. Simply set your Frequency to "Ongoing" and every Saturday your campaign will auto-renew until you say Pause.

Open Display Ongoing Campaign

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When is the cutoff to pause my ongoing campaign?

Ongoing campaigns are automatically renewed every week on Saturday at 8am PST. In order to prevent your campaign from continuing for another week, you must ensure you have Paused your campaign before that time. The Pause button can be found inside your campaign as illustrated below.

Pause button Ongoing Campaigns

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Can I change my campaign dates after my campaign has been submitted?

You may request to change the dates of your campaign only if your campaign has not yet started. Doing so, may cause an increase to the cost of the campaign as the availability of the locations you desire may be higher at a different date and time.

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When do statistics update in my campaign details?

Actual Impression data as it pertains to the reports as well as the table and graph shown in your campaign details view is typically updated within 48-72 hours, but may take as long as 7 days depending on when we receive a ping back on our servers.

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How do I cancel my campaign?

Any campaign which has not yet started and scheduled more than 3 business days out from starting may be cancelled by notifying our Support team. A minimum fee in the amount either 75% of the campaign amount or the equivalent daily rate times the number of days displayed, whichever is greater, will be charged.

Example: A campaign is scheduled to run (4) weeks and after two weeks, you desire to cancel the campaign. You must notify our support team a minimum of three (3) business days in advance of start of the third week, stating that you desire to cancel the remaining two (2) weeks of the campaign. Only weeks which are unused may be cancelled and the processing fee imposed. Any unused amount of money will remain stored as a credit on your account to be used at a later date.

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How long does a credit stay valid on my account?

An account credit stays valid for 12 months from the date it is issued.

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Can I change my Ad design after my campaign has started?

Yes. To change your Ad design, simply go into your campaign and click the yellow button marked "Change" located below your Creative in your campaign. Doing so will prompt you with the exact dimensions required for the specific billboard in question. Your new creative design must adhere to those dimensions.

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What happens if my campaign is rejected?

If you are unsure of whether or not your Ad design meets our Ad Guidelines please email our support team first to verify before submitting your campaign via your Open Display account. Any campaign rejected due to violation of our Ad Guidelines will result in a credit being applied to your Open Display account.

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