Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions for Open Display. If you do not see your specific question listed below, feel free to email us and one of our Open Display support team members will respond to you as quickly as possible.

What is Open Display?

AdSemble Open Display™ is the first ever self-service platform that lets you advertise on digital billboards for a price that fits your budget.

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How do I create a campaign?

Creating your digital billboard campaign with Open Display is fast and easy! After creating your free Open Display account, follow these steps to launch your first campaign.

  • 1. Choose Maximize Budget or Fixed Rate - Maximize Budget campaigns will display your Ad in accordance with your budget, Fixed Rate campaigns will display your Ad all day for a fixed price
  • 2. Filter by Location/Market - Choose which billboard locations you would like to advertise by entering in a location address and expanding your radius to discover billboards nearby
  • 3. Set Start Date - Select your start date and frequency of your campaign
  • 4. Input Budget - If you elected to use a Maximize Budget setting, you would define a daily budget that works for you
  • 5. Upload Your Design or Use our Ad Builder - Upload an ad that fits our creative guidelines

Your billboard advertising campaign will launch coinciding with the parameters you set.

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What do each of the campaign statuses mean?

The status of your campaign will vary based on the stage in which it resides.

Open Display Campaign Statuses

  • Active - Campaigns which are either Live or queued to go Live
  • Paused - Ongoing campaigns which have been paused
  • Pending - Campaigns which are pending successful payment processing
  • Completed - Campaigns which have finished their scheduled run
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What is the difference between Maximize Budget and Fixed Rate campaigns?

Maximize Budget campaigns allow you to work backwards from a daily budget you define in connection with digital billboard location(s) you select. Our system will then intelligently work to deliver a maximum number of impressions and showings (also known as “AdFlashes”) on any given day of your campaign.

Fixed Rate campaigns allow you to select individual digital billboard location(s) for your campaign at the current average weekly asking price for the potential of achieving the maximum number of impressions and plays (also known as “AdFlashes”) evenly distributed over the course of your campaign. While not guaranteed, Fixed Rate campaigns may come with a Proof Photo showing your Ad on the billboard location(s) you selected.

In simple terms, whereas Maximize Budget campaigns focus more on Impressions, Fixed Rate mode campaigns focus more on the number of times your message will be displayed.

AdSemble Open Display Maximize Budget vs Fixed Rate Campaign

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What are proof photos and will I receive them with any of my campaigns?

Proof Photos are photographs taken of your Ad on the billboard locations you selected for your campaign. In most cases, they are taken from a webcam mounted on the billboard, but not every billboard has a webcam or the ability to provide such photos. As such, proof photos will not be provided unless our system receives them, at which point they will automatically appear in the details section of your campaign and/or when you run a report.

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Do digital billboards stay on 24 hrs a day?

No. In most all cases, local city permits prohibit digital billboards from operating 24hrs/day. Two known exceptions are Times Square, NYC and on the strip in Las Vegas, NV. Most all other digital billboards turn on at 6AM and shut off by Midnight.

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How do substitute locations work?

If the original location(s) you have selected are not available for any reason including but not limited to being sold out, our system will automatically attempt to locate the next closest digital media product available to display your ad for your campaign. This may include a digital billboard or use of our Target Display Network. If you are unsatisfied with the substitute location(s) are system has chosen, you may email us and we will attempt to find alternative substitute locations for you. Note: If no other alternative substitute locations can be identified, then the campaign will remain on the original substitute locations selected by the system.

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Can I can determine when my Ad will appear for a Maximize Budget campaign?

No, it is not possible to determine when the server will display your Ad on the billboard location(s) you have selected for a Maximize Budget campaign. Over the span of time you selected, along with the number of location(s) and size of your budget, some days may receive a suppressed amount of AdFlashes while other days can receive more. If you desire for your campaign to have a more consistent delivery pattern over the course of its scheduled duration, then you will want to create a Fixed Rate campaign.

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How do ongoing campaigns work?

Ongoing campaigns are a convenient way to keep your campaigns continuously running without the hassle of re-creating them each time they have completed their run. Simply set your Frequency to "Ongoing" and every Saturday your campaign will auto-renew for another week until you say Pause.

Open Display Ongoing Campaign

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How do I pause my campaign and when is the cutoff time?

Ongoing campaigns are automatically renewed every week on Saturday at 7AM PST. In order to prevent your campaign from continuing for another week, you must ensure you have Paused your campaign before that time. The Pause button can be found inside your campaign as illustrated below.

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I missed the cut off to pause my Ongoing campaign, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, when our system recycles your Ongoing campaign, the money is automatically distributed to the billboard location(s) in question, which prevents us from being able to issue any refunds. Failure to use the time you purchased will also not result in any refund being issued. We suggest setting a calendar reminder to pause any Ongoing campaigns you have to prevent them from extending beyond your desired campaign duration. If you are concerned you will not be able to pause your Ongoing campaign on time, another option you have is to not use the Ongoing feature. Instead, you can setup a campaign with a specific start date and end date to ensure it stops precisely on the day you desire.

Campaign specific Date Range

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How do I restart my paused campaign?

To restart your previously paused campaign, simply return to the campaign and click the "Resume" button in the top right hand corner. Doing so, will add your campaign to the queue to be re-initialized at the next available Monday start date, providing the location(s) are available.

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Can I change my campaign dates after my campaign has been submitted?

You may request to change the dates of your campaign only if your campaign has not yet started. Doing so, may cause an increase to the cost of the campaign as the availability of the locations you desire may be higher at a different date and time. A change request can only be attempted if it is more than 3 business days out from when your campaign is set to start. Change requests are not guaranteed. If the request cannot be accommodated, you may elect to cancel your campaign, but please be advised of the campaign cancellation policy. Any change request submitted beyond the cut-off time may not be honored and result in the default action of the campaign being canceled.

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How do I change the location(s) I selected?

If you have accidentally booked the wrong billboard location(s), you may submit a request to change the location(s) by emailing our support team. A change request can only be attempted if it is more than 3 business days out from when your campaign is set to start. Change requests are not guaranteed. If the request cannot be accommodated, you may elect to cancel your campaign, but please be advised of the campaign cancellation policy. Any change request submitted beyond the cut-off time may not be honored and result in the default action of the campaign being canceled.

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When do statistics update in my campaign details?

Actual Impression data as it pertains to the reports as well as the table and graph shown in your campaign details view is typically updated within 48-72 hours, but final statistics may adjust for up to 7 days after the conclusion of a previous period depending on the size of your campaign as our system completes an audit of the play logs. This information may also be displayed in normalized averages in order to make the overall data easier to visualize.

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What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Any campaign which has not yet started and scheduled more than 3 business days out from starting may be cancelled by notifying our Support team. A minimum fee in the amount either 75% of the campaign amount or the equivalent daily rate times the number of days displayed, whichever is greater, will be charged.

Example: A campaign is scheduled to run (4) weeks and after two weeks, you desire to cancel the campaign. You must notify our support team a minimum of three (3) business days in advance of the start of the third week, stating that you desire to cancel the remaining two (2) weeks of the campaign. Only weeks which are unused may be cancelled and the processing fee imposed.

In all cases, any unused balance will remain stored as a credit on your account to be used at a later date.

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How long does a credit stay valid on my account?

An account credit stays valid for 12 months from the date it is issued.

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How do I change my Creative?

To change your Creative, simply go into your Active campaign and click the yellow button marked "Change" located below the currently saved Creative in your campaign. Doing so will prompt you with the exact dimensions required for the specific billboard in question. Your new artwork Creative design must adhere to those dimensions. NOTE: If you have an Ongoing campaign, your campaign must be in "Active" status in order to change your artwork(s) on file. If you have paused your campaign, you will not be able to change your artwork(s) on file until you resume your campaign.

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Are political ads allowed?

In most states, political ads are either prohibited or require pre-approval from the City or County in which the billboard(s) reside before our system can display the message. There is no mandate for city officials to prioritize the approval of such messaging as it varies from city to city based on availability and resources. Please keep this additional approval layer in mind when submitting any campaign that may be flagged as political in nature.

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Can I sign a long term contract if I am a brand new customer?

Any brand new client or Ad Agency who desires to enter into a long term engagement (greater than 4 week) for advertising services is subject to, but not limited to, a comprehensive background check and or pre-paid only arrangement until such time as a good faith payment history has been established. Additionally, it may be requested that you either pay by certified check or ACH Wire to fulfill your order.

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What happens if I don't upload my artwork Creative?

Failure to upload your artwork Creative by the time your campaign begins will result in your campaign still being processed. You may upload your artwork Creative after your campaign has begun, but you will lose any number of days you have delayed in uploading the artwork Creative.

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What happens if my campaign is rejected?

If you are unsure of whether or not your Ad design meets our Ad Guidelines please email our support team first to verify before submitting your campaign via your Open Display account. Any campaign rejected due to violation of our Ad Guidelines will result in a credit being applied to your Open Display account.

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What is the difference between AdFlashes and Impressions?

An AdFlash is single play of your Ad being displayed whereas an Impression is counted by the number of people who have seen your AdFlash. As an example, if you selected a billboard location and your Ad appeared one time but was seen by 150,000 people, then that would be counted as one (1) AdFlash and 150,000 Impressions.

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What is the Target Display Network?

The Target Display Network is an arrangement of various digital displays in public places. These public places include digital displays located in healthcare and medical offices, gas station pump screens, rideshare LED display tops, shopping malls, electric vehicle charging stations, elevator screens, gyms and more. You can create a campaign to exclusively run on the Target Display Network or add it to any billboard campaign to saturate an area so people in the community will feel they are seeing your brand message everywhere they go. The Target Display Network may also be used to help any of your digital billboard campaigns receive additional exposure as part of our substitute location automation.

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Can I see a list of all the Target Display Network locations in my campaign?

Yes. Your AdSemble representative can provide you with a complete list of all the places where screens exist in the Target Display Network for the Zip Code(s) you are interested in advertising. Please Note: How many times your Ad appears at each location is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to your budget, as well as how many other advertisers are on these locations during the time span you desire and other restrictions or considerations. In other words, just because a venue appears on the list of locations in your Zip Code range, does not necessarily mean your Ad will appear there for a guaranteed minimum amount of time or even at all. At the end of each 4-week cycle, you will receive an audited play log detailing where Impressions were delivered for your campaign. A bigger allocated budget will provide you the greatest chance to have your Ad displayed across all locations shown in your desired Zip Code(s).

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Is it possible to see my Ad at Target Display Network locations?

Yes. Your ability to see your Ad on any number of locations of the Target Display Network will largely, although not exclusively, depend on the size of your budget. Some of the venues in the Target Display Network have a higher asking price for their advertising space than others. If you are launching your campaign with the minimum suggested budget amount, our algorithm will attempt to still deliver your Ad to as many locations as possible, but it may end up getting more play on some locations and less on others.

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Can I use a QR code in my Advertising?

For safety reasons, QR codes are not allowed to used in highway billboard advertising. Some of the venues in the Target Display Network will allow QR codes. Consult with your AdSemble representative to determine which venues can accept QR code advertisements in your area.

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How do I create a Target Display Network campaign?

Your Target Display Network campaign will ultimately exist inside your Open Display account. Due to the unique setup, an AdSemble team member can assist you in creating the campaign based on the information you provide where you would like to target your advertising. To create your Target Display Network campaign, click here

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Can I switch the Zip Code(s) I'm targeting for my Target Display Network campaign?

You may switch the Zip Code(s) you have selected for your Target Audience Network campaign every four (4) weeks. This ensures that we gather enough data in the reporting to help you understand the reach, frequency and overall impact of the campaign. NOTE: While it is possible to apply multiple Zip Codes to your campaign, keep in mind that your budget will be automatically divided amongst all the venues within the Zip Cdes you select, so it is advised you align your budget with the number of Zip Codes you desire to target.

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Can I day part my Target Display Network campaign?

Yes. It is possible to divide up your campaign by different days of the week and different hours within those days (known as Day Parting). Your AdSemble representative can assist you in configuring your campaign in this way.

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Can I spread my 12 week Target Display Network campaign out across many months?

Due to flucations in pricing and availability all Target Display Network campaigns run consecutive weeks, unless otherwise agreed upon. Contact your AdSemble representative to see if it is possible to configure a special schedule for your campaign.

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Last Updated: April 2022