Digital Billboard Advertising

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Digital billboards are becoming the preferred choice of top tier advertisers because they are back-lit, eye-catching from far away and with just a few clicks of a mouse you can place a message on hundreds of locations giving you the power to launch a widespread last minute campaign with little advance notice.

With digital billboards you can display different ads each week of your campaign and because digital billboards are all connected to the Internet, you may also use a RSS Feed to display Real-Time information, such as the score of a baseball game, countdown clock to a TV show/movie release or live weather and traffic updates.

The following is general information on the cost of digital billboard advertising, digital billboard locations and how to rent a digital billboard. If you are ready to get detailed pricing and information for your specific need, please fill out the form to the left or contact us for a free consultation.

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Cost of Digital Billboard Advertising

The cost of a digital billboard ad can range depending on how you want to purchase your ad space. Unique to AdSemble Open Display™ you can set any size budget you want, such as $20/day, and your ad can appear on the digital billboards you select. The exact amount varies from digital billboard to digital billboard and is based on several factors, the most common of which being:

  • Location - How many people will see the digital billboard everyday
  • Demand - The more advertisers who want a digital billboard, the higher the cost
  • Time of year - June/July/August rates are usually lower than November/December
  • Campaign Duration - Longer term commitments can result in discounted pricing

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Digital Billboard Locations

Location is a big factor in the price of advertising space on a digital billboard. Previously, there was no known reliable public database of every digital billboard location and because many digital billboards are individually owned and operated, it would take a very long time to locate all of them.

Thankfully, AdSemble has already done this for you.

Since 2008, AdSemble continues to identify where every digital billboard exist and records this information in a FREE searchable database, so you can easily find digital billboard locations in your area, at absolutely no cost.

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How to Rent a Digital Billboard

When deciding to rent advertising space on a digital billboard, it is important to consider what your advertising goals are and how you can use the digital billboard's full capabilities to accomplish these goals.

Also, depending on what your target audience is, an AdSemble Marketing Consultant can help match you to the most effective and price efficient digital billboard possible.

Contact us today for a free consultation where one of our Marketing Consultants can also share with you secret tips and tricks on how to design your ad for optimal results.