What is the cost of a campaign?

The AdSemble marketplace connects sellers of digital out of home screens with advertisers interested in promoting their products, brands or services.

A weekly price per location is established by the sellers of the screens when their location(s) are added to the marketplace and all pricing is reflected in terms of Rate Card.

In most cases, advertising campaigns are purchased on a weekly basis and the cost can range between $2,000 - $7,000 per week.

With AdSemble Open Display™ You are in total control of your own budget. Our proprietary algorithm will maximize your weekly budget to flex your advertisement to as many digital billboards as possible within your desired date range and market of choice.

Conversely, if you would like to hand-select specific digital billboard(s) to fit your exact campaign needs, then use our search tool for digital billboards and filter with keywords such as "San Francisco" to identify those locations. An AdSemble Support Team member will be happy to provide you with the current weekly asking price of any location you are considering. We can also personally help oversee the successful execution of your campaign from start to finish at no additional cost.

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