What is the cost of a campaign?

With AdSemble Open Display™ You are in complete control of whatever amount you want to spend for your billboard advertising campaign.

Our two primary ways of launching campaigns consist of Maximze Budget and Hand Select mode.

Maximize Budget campaigns - $

With our Maximize Budget feature, you set a daily budget that works for you. Our proprietary algorithm will maximize your budget to flex your advertisement to as many digital billboards as possible within your desired date range and market(s) of choice.

Whereas Maximize Budget campaigns focus more on Impressions, our Hand Select mode campaigns focus more on the number of times your message will be displayed.

Hand Select campaigns - $$

With our Hand Select feature, you select individual digital billboard location(s) for your campaign at the current weekly asking price for the potential of achieving the maximum number of plays (also known as “AdFlashes”) and impressions, evenly distributed over the course of your campaign.

VIP Concierge Experience - $$$

If you have a vision for a really big campaign that spans multiple area codes, regions or States and would appreciate our expert advice, then let our team of Advertising Experts partner with you to help you execute a results driven campaign.

Get in touch with our VIP Concierge Team

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