Chula Vista, CA (Chula Vista Center)

15' x 27' double-sided, digital billboard located in Chula Vista, CA. Visible to traffic traveling to and from Chula Vista and San Diego. Highway 5. Book this location right now using our AdSemble Open Display or feel free to contact us for billboard pricing, availability and rental of this location and one of our AdSemble customer support professionals will return your call.


  • 16' Tall x 26' Wide | Lat/Long: 32.6376884,-117.0984002
  • Sign installed on westbound side of highway
  • Your 6-second spot will play 1X every 64-seconds, all day
  • Monday through Sunday cycle
  • Only 10 spots available, per side, each week


  • Rotate up to two (2) different JPEG images
  • 1350 Pixel Width x 756 Pixel Height, 72 dpi
  • Do NOT use a white background
  • Use Large, Bold Sans-Serif Fonts
  • Ad(s) due three (3) business days before launch



  • 960338: Facing North, seen by southbound traffic
  • Est. Weekly Impressions: 39,623