Glossary of Industry Terms

Digital Out of Home (also known as "DOOH") is an extension of the more traditional Out of Home advertising industry. While Out of Home advertising is inclusive of things such as vinyl billboards, bus shelters and newstand advertising (just to name a few), Digital Out of Home solely focuses on all forms of electronic outdoor advertising.

Term used to describe how many people have been exposed (or had the opportunity to be exposed) to your advertisement.

Eg: There is a room of five people watching a digital screen and your ad displays one time. Therefore, it had a total opportunity to have made 5 impressions. If your ad displays again, it will have had a total opportunity to have made 10 impressions, etc.

Term used to describe a billboard.

Cost per mille (also known as "CPM", also known as "Cost per thousand impressions") is an advertising term that describes how much it will cost you to make one thousand impressions. CPM is calculated by dividing the total cost of an advertising campaign by (total number of impressions/1000).

Eg: Campaign cost $10,000 and Total Impressions = 5,000,000

$10,000/(5,000,000/1000) = $2 CPM

The base price for guaranteed advertising placement is known as the Rate Card.

Term used by Digital Out of Home Advertising network operators (sellers) to describe guaranteed ad placement. In order to secure guaranteed ad placement for a specific date, time and location, it is recommended you pay the network operators Rate Card asking price.

Space Available Bonus (also known as "Remnant") is a term used by Digital Out of Home Advertising network operators (sellers) to describe un-sold advertising inventory. In the event that advertising space is still available before the start of any given time period, sellers are usually willing to accept a discounted rate vs. letting the space go un-sold. Sometimes, sellers will accept Space Available Bonus contracts in advance, but if another advertiser (buyer) is willing to pay the full Rate Card price for the advertising space in question, the Space Available Bonus buyer will not get the space.

The lowest price accepted for an advertising placement is known as the Reserve Price.