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AdSemble Calendar is a SaaS (Software as a service) SSP (Supply-Side Platform) designed to help you more effectively manage your billboard inventory while also enabling you to receive paid campaigns from our Advertisers.

Your basic access to AdSemble Calendar will always be Free. All you need to do is claim your account to immediately begin utilizing the platform's core functionality.

Some Money is Good. More is Better.

With your free AdSemble Calendar access, you will automatically begin receiving paying Advertisers for your spots. But, perhaps you desire to earn more revenue per ad campaign? Don't worry, we have you covered with our "Preferred Bidding" upgrade.

Simply send a request to our AdSemble Calendar Support Team and let them know you would like to opt-in to our "Preferred Bidding" feature. Our team will provide you with up to three (3) AdSemble Open Display themed Ad creatives, and in exchange for rotating these creatives to fill your unsold inventory, you will automatically begin receiving higher CPM bids per Ad campaign that is delivered to your AdSemble Calendar account.

Unlock Even More Features

Aside from our Free tier, we offer two additional paid subscription tiers you can upgrade into, each of which offer increased value and features within your AdSemble Calendar experience.

Additionally, we offer an assortment of complimentary services to enhance the value we can offer you.

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