We Match Advertisers to Your Signs

Earn Advertiser revenue with AdSemble Calendar

Using machine learning and our proprietary algorithms, AdSemble Calendar has the ability to match advertisers with your unique billboard locations.

You Control Your Earnings

Our patent-pending approach puts you in the driver seat to decide how much you money you want to earn. Your Free AdSemble Calendar account includes basic location information that would be found on a photo sheet or website. If you desire to enhance our algrorithim's ability to match higher quality and more relevant advertisers with your locations, you may also provide us the following:

  • - Deeper demographic information based on your personal knowledge of the areas your locations reside
  • - Whether or not your locations have any custom mobile interaction capabilities
  • - Specific categories you know perform well on your locations and/or categories you have known to under-perform
  • - If your locations are within a particular radius of a landmark of interest, i.e. Less than 5 miles from stadium or convention center

The more information you supply, the more our system can learn about which type of advertisers will be best suited for your billboard locations.

Stand Alone Integration

Since our founding in 2008, we have invested countless hours getting to know Digital Out of Home Media Operators across the World. In that time, we discovered that most Media Operators preferred an option that would allow them to manage their inventory independent of having the software directly interface with the software controlling their signs.

Our SaaS model allows you to separately interact with your AdSemble Calendar account for the purposes of tracking avails, generating proposals and analyzing the performance of your advertising spots across all your locations. When a new Ad Campaign arrives, you simply approve the Creative, download and insert it onto your player software corresponding to the date range and type of campaign as requested by the Advertiser. Working with your AdSemble Calendar in this way provides all the security and assurances that nothing is ever displayed on your digital billboards without your prior consent and approval.

Our Secret Sauce: SEO Landing Pages

Something rather very unique to AdSemble and completely unmatched by anyone else is the fact that our website has been online since 2008. In terms of Search Engine rankings, this means that any webpage we design is automatically granted a very high level of authority in search results across all the major Search Engines.

As part of our Annual Subscription packages, you can enhance your AdSemble Calendar experience by having specific webpages created that promote and highlight your specific listings.

We will engineer these pages with the most up-to-date white hat SEO techniques ensuring they start to receive high visability and thus result in more Ad Campaigns being created for your billboard locations. Think of these SEO Landing Pages as a way to individually highlight each one of your billboard locations with specific pictures, video and descriptions to showcase its beauty and effectiveness. To preview current subscribers usage of these landing pages, please visit our Search page and click any of the thumbnail images.

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